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Resource for individual and group study, in light of the current civil and political unrest in the U.S., Iran, and the world; reasons for the Bahá’í stance against partisan activity and its approach to social change; Bahá'í use of social media.
Shared by the NSA as an email with a list of links to download the documents from a public server, 2022-10-11. Also available in Persian.

See also Political Non-Involvement and Obedience to Government and Non-Involvement in Partisan Politics.

Language: English and Persian.

Bahá'í Approach to Non-Involvement in Partisan Political Activity

by Shoghi Effendi, Universal House of Justice, and National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United States

compiled by United States Bahá'í National Center

1. Cover letter ((compilation below)

2. Compilation

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