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Compilation of text and visuals from the website, covering Abdu'l-Bahá's visit from April 11 - Dec 5, 1912.
Essays published at, written and compiled by Robert Sockett, Jonathan Menon, Morella Menon, Caitlin Shayda Jones, Tony Michel and Corey Tamas, on the centenary of the trip, 2012; compiled here by H. Liedtke, 2023.

239 Days in America:
Compilation of Essays from

by Various

compiled by Harry Liedtke
Optimized PDF, click to download: various_239_days_america_reduced.pdf [17 MB].
Full-resolution PDF, click to download: various_239_days_america.pdf [29 MB].
Microsoft Word original, click to download: various_239_days_america.docx [130 MB].
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