Dawn of a New Day


Concerning the Esslemont book...

Concerning the Esslemont book in languages read by Hindus: The text of the book can in no way be changed, but two things can be done to make it more suitable for teaching Hindus: a footnote can be added informing the reader that the book was written by a Scotsman who was anxious to present to the Christians the Baha'i Faith in relation to their own religion, and hence he used many Biblical quotations with Baha'i interpretations given; secondly an appendix may be added which will include quotations from the Baha'i writings suitable to the Hindu mind and interests.

Regarding Baha'i women using facial make-up: individuals are entirely free to do as they please in such purely personal matters. As Baha'is are enjoined to use moderation in all things, and to seek the Golden mean, the N.S.A. can, if it deems it necessary or advisable, counsel the believers to use moderation in this respect also.

Concerning your question as to whether a person may sign a registration card and then request his declaration to not be made public: all such administrative details must be referred to the N.S.A. for decision and their instructions followed.

The Guardian counsels you to refrain by all means from criticizing and attacking the National Assembly and its members or any local assemblies. The good that you think can be done by such criticism is far out-weighed by the harm it does. The new assemblies and believers will cease to have confidence in the administration, cease to love and respect their representatives and the pioneer work you have done will suffer in general.

December 1, 1944

Dawn of a New Day
pages 192-193

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