Messages To America


Our hearts are uplifted in thanksgiving for complete cessation of the prolonged, unprecedented world conflict. I hail the prospects of the removal of the restrictions enabling American Bahá'í Community to expedite the preliminary measures required to launch the second stage of the Divine Plan. I appeal focus attention upon the requirements of the all-important Latin American work. The adequate fulfillment of this vital task preludes the assumption of collective responsibility by triumphant community of the spiritual enlightenment and ultimate redemption of sorely-tried, war-ravaged European continent, destined to be associated with exploits which must immortalize the second stage of the World Mission entrusted by `Abdu'l-Bahá to the apostles of His Father's Faith in the western world. The opportunities of the present hour are infinitely precious, the time is pressing, the call of the distressed, groping peoples of Europe pitiful, insistent. The work still to be accomplished to consummate the mighty enterprise undertaken in Latin America is considerable. The Almighty's sustaining grace is assured, unfailing. I am praying from the depths of a joyful, thankful heart for the outpouring of blessings no less remarkable than the divine bounties vouchsafed unto the valiant prosecutors of the Plan in the course of the opening phase of their World Mission.
Cablegram August 20, 1945

Messages To America
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