Messages To America


Opening phase of spiritual conquest of the old world under divinely conceived Plan must be speedily and befittingly inaugurated. Feel necessity prompt dispatch of nine competent pioneers to as many countries as feasible charged to initiate systematic teaching work, commence settlement and promote dissemination of literature. Urge establishment of auxiliary office in Geneva as adjunct to International Bureau equipped with facilities to foster development of Assemblies in countries falling within the scope of Plan. Recommend European Teaching Committee undertake without delay measures aiming at close collaboration of British Publishing Trust and Publishing Committee of German National Assembly. Advise include Duchy of Luxembourg in Low Countries and enlarge range of Plan through addition of Switzerland. Owing to considerable sum already accumulated in Tihrán I prefer to divert sum for International Relief not yet forwarded to Persia, as well as Assembly's annual contribution to World Center, to funds earmarked for all-important far-flung European teaching and publication activities. The challenge offered by virgin fields of Europe outweighs momentous character of task already confronting American Bahá'í Community in the Americas. Vast distances sundering the old and new world are visibly, providentially contracting, enabling the ambassadors of Bahá'u'lláh's New World Order swiftly to discharge their apostolic mission through the continent destined to be stepping-stone to still vaster enterprises associated with future stages of divinely impelled, ever-unfolding, world-encircling Plan.
Cablegram June 5, 1946

Messages To America
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