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I recall with profound emotion, on the morrow of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of `Abdu'l-Bahá's passing, the dramatic circumstances marking simultaneously the termination of the Heroic Age, and the commencement of the Formative Period, of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh.

I acclaim with thankfulness, joy and pride the American Bahá'í community's manifold, incomparable services rendered the Faith at home and across the seas in the course of this quarter century.

I hail with particular satisfaction the consummation of the twin major tasks spontaneously undertaken and brilliantly discharged by the same community in both the administrative and missionary fields, constituting the greatest contribution ever made to the progress of the Faith by any corporate body at any time, in any continent, since the inception of the administrative order.

Nursed during its infancy by `Abdu'l-Bahá's special care and unfailing solicitude; invested at a later stage with spiritual primacy through the symbolic acts associated with His historic visit to the North American continent; summoned subsequently to the challenge through the revelation of the epoch-making Tablets of the Divine Plan; launched on its career according to the directives of and through the propelling force generated by these same Tablets; utilizing with skill, resourcefulness and tenacity, for the purpose of executing its mission, the manifold agencies evolving within the administrative order, in the erection of whose fabric it has assumed so preponderating a share; emerging triumphantly from the arduous twofold campaign undertaken simultaneously in the homeland and in Latin America; this community now finds itself launched in both hemispheres on a second, incomparably more glorious stage, of the systematic crusade designed to culminate, in the course of successive epochs, in the spiritual conquest of the entire planet.

The task of this stern hour is challenging, its scale of operation continually widening, the races and nations to be contacted highly diversified, the forces of resistance more firmly entrenched, yet the prizes destined for the valiant conquerors are inestimably precious and the sustaining Grace of the Lord of Hosts promised to the executors of His mandate is indescribably potent.

The present European project heralding the spiritual regeneration of the entire continent is the pivot on which hinges the success of the second Seven Year Plan. I appeal to the National representatives of the community, in conjunction with the European Teaching Committee, to focus attention upon its immediate requirements. The dispatch of nine additional pioneers to facilitate the immediate formation of stable groups in the goal towns of the ten selected countries is imperative. The selection of suitable literature, its prompt translation into the languages required, its publication and wide dissemination, is essential. The visit of an ever-swelling number of itinerant teachers designed to foster the development of the groups is urgently required. A more liberal allocation of funds for the furtherance of the most vital objective is indispensable.

I entreat the entire community to arise, while time remains, contribute generously, volunteer its services and accelerate its momentum, to assure the total success of the first, most momentous collective enterprise launched by the American Bahá'í community beyond the barriers of the Western Hemisphere.
Cablegram December 3, 1946

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