Messages To America


The responsibilities which, under your direction and in response to my plea, the American community is now assuming, over and above the task they have already undertaken in connection with the Divine Plan, proclaiming in unmistakable terms their unswerving determination to prove themselves worthy of the sublimity of their mission, and of their privileged position among their sister communities in both the East and the West,--the twofold task they have arisen to perform will, if carried out in time, release the potentialities with which the community of the Greatest Name has been so generously and mysteriously endowed by `Abdu'l-Bahá. To carry out in its entirety and to its final consummation this dual enterprise would shed on the closing years of this first century of the Bahá'í Era a luster no less brilliant than the immortal deeds which have signalized its birth, in the heroic age of our Faith. To the American believers, the spiritual descendants of the heroes of God's Cause, I again address my plea to arise as one soul and to prosecute with unrelaxing resolve the high mission with which their immediate destiny is inextricably interwoven. The call has gone forth, the path is clear, the goal manifest and within their reach. Though their responsibilities be pressing and heavy and the obstacles formidable and manifold, yet the spirit of our invincible Faith will enable them to conquer if they arise unitedly and determinedly and persevere till the very end.
June 4, 1937

Messages To America
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