Messages To America


Recent swift progress of Temple ornamentation prompts me entreat American Community to focus immediate attention and center energies upon corresponding acceleration in the Teaching enterprise formulated in Seven Year Plan. Final phase in construction of Mashriqu'l-Adhkár already entered. Initial stage in the inaugurated Teaching Campaign still untraversed. End of First Century rapidly approaching. Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia still unsettled. Universal, prolonged intensification in pioneer activity is the crying need of this fateful hour. The establishment of one resident believer in each virgin territory is the precondition to the full launching of the subsequent, eagerly-anticipated stage aiming at the spiritual conquest of the Southern Half of the Western Hemisphere. The Concourse on high expectantly await, ready to assist and acclaim the nine holy souls who, independently or as deputies, will promptly, fearlessly volunteer to forsake their homes, cast away their attachments and definitely settle in these territories to lay firm anchorage of the Administrative Order of this undefeatable Faith. I am irresistibly urged and proud of the privilege to pledge nine hundred pounds to facilitate the permanent settlement of pioneers in these States and Provinces whose acts and heroic self-abnegation will mark the conclusion of this shining Epoch in American Bahá'í history.
Cablegram January 26, 1939

Messages To America
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