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PENETRATION OF LATIN AMERICA : Message to 1939 Convention

Brilliant conclusion of second year in Seven Year Plan evokes universal admiration of the Bahá'í world, deepens its spiritual consciousness and mitigates the hardships of its increasingly harassed communities. Closing phase of Temple ornamentation already entered. Initial stage of Intercontinental Teaching Campaign successfully terminated. Firm anchorage of the institutions of the Administrative Order permanently established in every State and Province of North American continent. Mexico, lying in the forefront of the southward marching army, recently enlisted. Pedro Espinosa's auspicious attendance at the Convention is welcome evidence. Settlement of the Central American republics is next step in progressive, systematic penetration of Latin America. Upsurge of Bahá'u'lláh's impelling Spirit can not, will not, be stemmed nor impeded. Methodical advance along the line traced by pen of `Abdu'l-Bahá irresistible. Guatemala, Honduras, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Cuba, Dominica and Haiti immediate objectives. Though politically unsettled, religiously intolerant, socially backward and climatically inhospitable, these unexplored territories hold forth inestimable prizes for audacious adventures in the path of Bahá'í service. Dearly-beloved Martha's unrivaled experience, indomitable faith and indefatigable labors will soon reinforce powers released for contemplated campaign. Task admittedly laborious, hour laden with fate, privilege incomparable, precious divinely-promised aid unfailing, reward predestined immeasurable. Appeal to all believers, white and Negro alike, to arise and assume rightful responsibilities. Urge prolongation of sessions of Convention to enable delegates to exercise their inalienable right to deliberate and formulate recommendations designed to aid incoming National Assembly resolutely to prosecute this momentous enterprise. Fervor of prayers intensified.
Cablegram April 28, 1939

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