Messages To America


Weighty resolutions of San Francisco meeting call forth emotions too deep for expression. Fondest hopes excelled. Indomitable courage and overflowing energy of the firmly-welded, providentially-directed American Bahá'í community impelling them outstrip pace and surpass the limits of the theatre of action assigned to the third year of the Seven Year Plan. Welcome particularly recent action designed expedite termination of Divinely-founded Temple ordained to be the Ark destined to ride triumphant the tidal wave of world-encircling calamities and offering sole refuge to storm-tossed sufferers of sinful, steadily sinking civilization. Kindly renew to every established and intending pioneer in enumerated Republics and dependencies my ardent plea to resolve to refuse, despite the deepening world confusion, to abandon their posts and surrender the responsibilities solemnly assumed under the Mandate conferred by `Abdu'l-Bahá.
Cablegram October 23, 1939

Messages To America
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