Messages To America


Urge Assembly focus attention at its forthcoming meeting upon the dual, vitally urgent obligation: the conservation of the vigor and spiritual health of the community and the intensification of effort aiming at realization of recently approved Temple Plan. Sleepless vigilance to ward off subtle attacks of enemies is first prerequisite to sound unfoldment of the processes of the enterprise already operating. The fateful forties, pregnant for weal and woe, are ushered in. The American believers enter them firmly rooted in the fertile soil of the administrative order and bountifully nourished by the vital sap of the animation of its institutions, spreading its sheltering shadow to the farthest corners of the Western Hemisphere. Centenary of the Birth of the Faith is approaching. Victories unsuspected are within reach of community. The sooner they are achieved, the sharper the contrast offered with distracting miseries afflicting a generation which the Faith alone can and must eventually redeem.
Cablegram January 18, 1940

Messages To America
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