Messages To America


The long-predicted world-encircling conflagration, essential pre-requisite to world unification, is inexorably moving to its appointed climax. Its fires, first lit in the Far East, subsequently ravaging Europe and enveloping Africa, now threaten devastation both in Near East and Far West, respectively enshrining the World Center and the chief remaining Citadel of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh. The Divinely-appointed Plan must and will likewise pursue undeflected its predestined course. Time is pressing. The settlement of the two remaining Latin Republics, the sounder consolidation through formation of firmly-knit groups in newly-opened territories, the provision of adequate means for the ornamentation of last six faces of first story of Temple, stand out as vital requirements of approaching supremely challenging hour. My eyes and heart are anxiously, longingly turned to the New World to witness the evidences of a new, still more heroic phase of enterprise confidently entrusted to vigilant care of the American believers by the ever-watchful, powerfully-sustaining Master. I refuse to believe that a community so richly endowed, so greatly envied, so repeatedly honored, will suffer the slightest relaxation of its resolution to jeopardize the spiritual prizes painstakingly and deservedly won throughout the States and Provinces of the Republics of the Western Hemisphere.
Cablegram July 21, 1940

Messages To America
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