Messages To America


Successive reports, proclaiming the American believers' brilliant feat, the completion of the exterior ornamentation of the Temple, their historic exploits in the spiritual conquest of every Republic of Latin America, as well as their impending victory to be won through the establishment of the structural basis of the Bahá'í administrative order in the Virgin States and Provinces of North America, are thrilling the Eastern communities of the Bahá'í world with delight, with admiration and with wonder.

Ninety-five Persian families, emulating the example of the American trail-blazers of the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh, have recently forsaken their homes and followed in the footsteps of pioneers already departed from Persia yesterday evening to hoist its banner in the adjoining territories of Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Sulamaniyyih, Hijaz and Bahrein Island.

Local Assemblies have been founded in Kashmir Valley in the extreme north and in Madras Presidency in the extreme south, as well as in Haydarabad, the leading stronghold of Muslim orthodoxy in India.

The National Bahá'í Administrative Headquarters of the Egyptian believers are nearing completion. A similar institution is in process of establishment in India's capital city, Delhi. A Guest House, adjunct to the newly built Administrative Headquarters of the Bahá'ís of Iraq, has been constructed.

Bahá'í communities of East and West are arising in the fourth year of the devastating conflict in the full strength of their undisruptable solidarity, resolved to write, through immortal deeds, further glorious pages in the last Chapter of the first Bahá'í Century.

I appeal to the standard-bearers of Bahá'u'lláh's ever-advancing army to safeguard the spiritual prizes already won and maintain every outpost of the Faith established in the southern hemisphere. I entreat them to exert still more magnificent efforts to discharge befittingly the one remaining responsibility in the North American continent.

I am praying for the achievement of a resounding total victory in all the Americas, thereby sealing the triumph of the first stage in the Divine Plan for whose execution the entire machinery of the Administrative Order was for no less than sixteen years patiently and laboriously erected.
May 27, 1943

Messages To America
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