Messages To America


I rejoice in the success of the vitally needed, timely conference with Latin American representatives; greatly welcome the decisions reached and the plans formulated. The first year of the second Bahá'í century should witness the establishment of a Spiritual Assembly in every remaining Republic and be signalized by a steady increase in the number of pioneers for both Latin and North America; by a further multiplication of groups, a wider dissemination of Bahá'í literature in both Spanish and Portuguese, closer relationships consolidating the communities and more effective contact by these communities with the masses of the population and all races and classes. I am ardently praying for mighty victories in every field as essential preliminary to the emergence of independent National Spiritual Assemblies and as indispensable prelude to launching in other continents, soon after the termination of the world conflict, the second stage of the momentous World Plan so intimately associated by `Abdu'l-Bahá with the future destinies of the illustrious American Bahá'í Community.
July 17, 1944

Messages To America
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