Baha'i Windows to the Past

A series of Baha'i deepenings by Dr. Darius Shahrokh (obituary from American Baha'i magazine)

Full audio captures, transcripts, and case inserts are available for free for download from this site!
Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Windows to the Past?
Windows to the Past is a series of 36 audiotapes about various Baha'i topics, in story form, written and recorded by Dr. Darius Shahrokh. The tapes fall into two broad categories, biographies and Baha'i principles. Detailed information may be obtained here.

Are the audio programs available for free download?
Yes. 25 programs (some are in 2 parts) are available for free download.

What is the Baha'i Faith?
The Baha'i Faith is an independent world religion founded by Baha'u'llah in 1863. For more information about the Baha'i Faith see the Official Site.

I'm hearing-impaired, my computer has no sound card, or I don't feel like listening. Is there any way to read transcripts of the series?
Yes. The original typewritten transcripts have been scanned with OCR and are mostly text searchable.  Non-English names and words are usually not searchable. 

How can I purchase the audiotapes?

The tape sets are no longer in stock.  Note that some Local Spiritual Assemblies have purchased the tapes for their libraries.

Are the audio files exact matches of the tapes?
To minimize file size the audio downloads are not exact matches of the tapes. The complete story on each tape is available, but acknowledgements,  some filler music, and descriptions of other tapes in the series have been removed.  The new, higher quality MP3 files were produced from the complete tapes, then edited for audio quality, preserving the original story content.  The audio quality restoration process involved several processes, correcting for tape defects (drop-outs, hiss, print-through), speaker faults (corrections to misspoken words) and microphone artifacts (breath sounds, background noises).  The audio editing progam used for the processing is GoldWave.  If you are interested in hearing the results of the editing process, here are three 1-minute examples: before-1, after-1, before-2, after-2, before-3, after-3.

Are the programs available on CD?
No, but the MP3 files can be transferred to Audio CDs (1 or 2 stories per CD), or copied as MP3 files to a single CD Data Disk (570 Meg) for audio players and DVD players that accept MP3 files.

How do I report a problem with a downloaded file, such as corruption, erroneous information, or missing material from an audio file or transcript?
Contact Grace Shahrokh. She will forward the message to the webmaster.

How can I help?
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