Obscenity on this bulletin board

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Posted by Jonah Winters on May 01, 2101 at 14:41:42:

I apologize for the occasional obscene postings on this bulletin board. I check the board about 3 times/day to monitor it, but sometimes I'm on the road and unable to check the board for a few days.

Finding a balance between allowing free speech and preventing abusive or obscene communication can be difficult. In the case of this bulletin board, preventing this type of trash requires either my approving each message before allowing it to be posted, or installing a bulletin board that requires registration. Both options are distasteful to me. Re moderating it, I want it to be clear to all that this bulletin board does not suppress any opinions. Re installing a registration feature, I believe that the additional complexity will discourage some posters, especially those not yet comfortable with the internet.

As always, if you find an obscene or especially inflammatory posting before I do, please email me at Jonah ASAP.


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