Question from Jonah: 750,000 Baha'is in U.S.?

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Posted by Jonah on May 19, 2101 at 21:39:56:

While half-listening to Weekend Edition on NPR on Saturday morning, I heard a report that the Encyclopedia Britannica has estimated there to be 750,000 Baha'is in America. The statement was in a general piece on trends in American religion as reported by the 2000 census. That line was the only mention of the Faith in the report. I searched the NPR website and this was the only mention: "Music Cue: Census and Religion -- John with some thoughts about the census and religion. (2:30)"

Given the great disparity between that figure (if indeed I heard it correctly) and the Baha'is' own numbers, I'm wondering how exactly this figure was obtained. I searched the Britannica website, too, but didn't find anything (perhaps I didn't look hard enough, or perhaps it hasn't made it on to the website yet).

If anyone finds anything on this story, please post it!


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