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Posted by Robert on May 26, 2101 at 15:41:30:

I've posted a couple of messages on this board but it seems they are deleted by those that you follow. One can only imagine it's because your "leaders" don't want you to gather all opinions, suggestions, and information so you can draw your own conclusion. It only stands to reason if what you are being told is the truth and the only truth that you wouldn't need to be shielded from the thoughts of others.

You are in a cult. Cults are formed by egotistical zealots with the need to control others because of their own feelings of inadaquacy. Look at the people around you. Are most of them successful and happy with life. Of course not. If they were they wouldn't be clinging to someone's twisted conception of how you should live your life.

Recent history is filled with the likes of your leaders. Jim Jones, Jim Baker, The Sun Temple, and let's not forget the saucer people in California. Get a life, grow a backbone, tell your cult leaders they know no more about how to live life than you do. Let them find another way to achieve some light in their dim little lives than by herding others like a flock of sheep.

Have some pride. Don't go through life asking others what you should do. Have others asking you, and it won't happen where you are!

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