Celebration of Bahá'í Holy Days

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Posted by Simeon on June 07, 2101 at 13:49:52:

My understanding is that some of the Bahá'í Holy Days are celebrated
according to the lunar calendar at the World Center. Chief among
these are the Births of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh. Does anyone know if
there are any other Holy Days besides these two that are celebrated
using the lunar calendar?

I assume that these two days are celebrated this way (where they fall
on consecutive days) because of the injunction of the Aqdas that they
should be regarded as a single festival, impossible when they are
separated by 3+ weeks as on the Western calendar. Does anyone know
if in the future they will be celebrated this way worldwide? I would
assume so, but have never read anything to indicate if this is so.

I would appreciate your input!


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