Homefront Pioneers Needed for Utah

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Posted by Darrick Evenson on June 16, 2101 at 16:25:10:

Dear Friends,

In central Utah lies "Utah County"; a county with about 200,000
residents; 85% of them Mormon. Utah County is very cosmopolitan,
but includes small towns and rural areas as well. Currently, it
is booming with hightech, educational, and nursing jobs. There
are two large schools there: Brigham Young Univesity (29,000
studetns) and Utah Valley State College (15,000). There are no
Baha'i communities or groups in Utah County.

Utah County needs Baha'i Homefront Pioneers _specifically trained_
on how to prospect and teach Mormons the Faith. There is an online
training course as well as a shorter training course at Bosch
Baha'i School. If you are a Non-smoker, and think you could be
a Homefront Pioneer for Utah County, then please go to the website
"The Seer Joseph Smith and the Baha'i Faith". Thanks.
Darrick Evenson

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