Cross-reference list of Bahá'í Prayers

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Posted by Arjen on June 18, 2101 at 06:06:06:

Recently I have made a table with cross-references of prayers revealed by the Central Figures of the Bahá'í Faith, as published    
in English-language prayer books. One column shows the Dutch Bahá'í prayer book. The subject headings designated      
are purely arbitrary, for the purpose of easier location of the prayers, and are not a part of the sacred texts. I have included     
a compilation of those prayers which are not in USA, P & M, or SB. If you know any more prayers or sources, or if you find
any mistakes, please let me know.      
In the Dutch Prayerbook 'Bahá'í Gebeden' there are 16 prayers which I haven't been able to find in English. There is a file
with these prayers in a rough translation back into English. If you know the source of any of these prayers, please send me an      

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