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Posted by Munir A. Qureshi on June 18, 2101 at 09:57:43:

It is stranged as you written in reply of Hakeem M.Ashaf enquiry about "LETTERS OF LIVINGS"(HAROOF-E-HAI OF BAB)that "From the 18 Letters of the Living three of them had a rather regretful ending:"But Shougi Affandi says in "THE DISPENSATION OF BAHAULLAH" translated in India as "TOKI-a-MUBARIK WALI AAMARULLAH" page 24 written on 23 May 1934 to the westren friends that "according to Bahaullah Letters of Livings of Hazrat Bab are ten thousand times respectable than past prophets.Can you imagine that persons of this highest post may be turned opposite??
Please discibe?
Munir A. Qureshi.

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