how to study bahai faith

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Posted by ahmed ali mustafa aljadi on June 25, 2101 at 08:11:38:

I m jordanian i have graduated hte first degree from yarmouk univercity from journalist dep.Im 28 years old
during my study i enter in bahai relegion but conditions in jordan not allow me to continue and in my country the sourses about this relegion is very little ecsept (alhadrah alkudseih in arabic)which is in jordan country irbed city not have acadimic teacher .
the main cause to study that I live in islamic country and islamic family who consider this believe as an enemy and Im oggrieved in my religion.
I think that the deep study of this relegion become very necessary
to be able on discusion and inventing and precuading others to enter in this relegion.
plese if you can help me to study this religion in quite wether far from my country since i feel as a victim in war on my belives.
my mobile number :0096279203895

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