Questions: (a) Babi greetings, (b) Babis today, (c) where to get UHJ messages

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Posted by Dawud on June 28, 2101 at 04:37:47:

(a) I recall reading SOMEWHERE that during the period of the Babi rebellion, there were four different greetings in use (analogous to salaam aleikum), depending on whether one was greeting or answering, and whether the speaker was male or female. Allahu Abha was one, Allahu Azam ("mighty"), was another... Anybody remember how this worked? Or when it got simplified to the single greeting form used today?

(b) Anybody know anything about Babis (not Baha'is, Babis) living in...well, anywhere really, but I heard there were communities of them in Uzbekstan today. Is this right? BTW, would Baha'is consider them "covenant breakers," or are they just regular members of another religion (like Muslims who reject Baha-Allah) who you guys can talk to, no problem?

(c) I also remember finding this great site that would print *up-to-date* messages from the UHJ--like, from whatever the latest holiday was. (For some reason the official sites don't have stuff like that--at least not where I can read it without a Baha'i ID number.) The site I remember had some offerings for a series of on-line courses, something like that, but it wasn't the Wilmette Institute. And they would study things like UHJ messages as a group. Anybody recognize what I'm thinking of? Curse my failing memory--arghhh!

Thanks a lot!

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