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Posted by Munir A.Qureshi on July 01, 2101 at 03:15:32:

Dear anon,
Thank you for your reply. I am glad to know that you are a student, 20 year old and it seemed that you are highly interested in religious studies. As I think it is a hard job to search for truth, many obstructions are in this path, although Bahaiâs claim for independent research after truth but usually apply for others and a little consider on their own believes. According to my opinion religion means relation of GOD with believers, and a group called religious if donât discuss the above topic infect canât be religious. I have already written thatä you can understand only those excellences which you have to some extentä. If you have ever a chance to study The Holy Quraân, you must be awarded that there are a large no of verses discovering this subject.
Now I again come to the original subject and review on your reply. You have written that ăYou must know as well that God test His servants. Would you not think it to be in God's power to test His servants by seemingly contradicting the sciences of the timeä. I am wonder, what type of expectations do you have from God. If He, Himself tells the humanity contradictive things how can you search pure things. In Holy Quran there is a verse, ăNothing is said to thee but what was said to the Messengers before thee,ä (41/43, Ha Mim Sajadah). Secondly you state that ăThey spoke of how widely their faiths would have influence and how they would conquer the world. But how could the early followers believe this when Jesus (pbuh) was a simple carpenter and Muhammad (pbuh) was an illiterate man. ăThis is not such thing which couldnât understand by the people, every person who believes in some one knows that the correct foretelling is given to him, and it is a common understanding for every era.
(Another conversation linked with this topic is that the both religion you quote not influence in their own sprit, Juses doesnât mean that He is son of God, and you should worship Himself instead of God, & Hazrat Mohammad (pbuh) doesnât mean that belief should be transferred in others by force, and a nos of other issues which were not recognized by Them, spread unreasonable way amongst the followers of the both religion.
Most of your answer is not related with the subject UNITY OF SIENCE & RELIGION, or you not understanding the main subject or you wand to obstruct in facts and demolish simple judgments to prove your likings
It is easy to change the meanings but it is hard to change the history, you have a problem that your roots are in old religions, and you have only one way to change all the meanings which were understood differently in past eras, I have already written asä If you read The Holly Bible & The Holly Quran, you might be seen the similar wordings about creation of universe, creation of man, angles, Satan, skies, and a no: of other issues, If one of the Holly Book tells us the creation of Adam by special creation and the other describe its creation by evolution than the both are not from the single source.ä But you donât believe upon all above subjects as believed in past, wordings are same but old meanings are lost. As concern to your reply,ä The Beginning of my replyä-------------------
Debate is not for it that universe is expanding or created completely, but only this that what is the meaning of the specific verse & ever understood? (Before new theory of expanding universe, which also be changeable not proved finally.)
I again request your honor ,please first try a cooperative study of Holy Books, Religion History , effects of celestial sciences on religious issues & please draw your attentions towards correct versions of Holy Books and please donât close your eyes from historical facts·····.Thanking you for listening me. I will be happy to exchange a no of others religious issues having different visions from bahaiâs approaches. My e-mail is as;-
. E-mail:-
With regards.
Munir A. Qureshi.

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