Untranslated Works

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Posted by David H on July 11, 2101 at 15:46:41:

Does anybody, who speaks Persian and Arabic, know whether or not the 90% of Bahaāuāllahās works which are not translated consist of any new theological, philosophical and social principles which are not mentioned in the translated Tablets? As I understand, most of these untranslated Tablets consist of encouragement to individual Bahais to teach the Faith. Iām reading, for example, the Provisional Translations at Bahai-Library and HBahai, which are some of Bahaāuāllahās most important untranslated works, and honestly I do not find almost anything new. Half of the translations mostly consist of exhortations to turn to God and his Manifestation, praise of God, admonitions to adopt a virtuous life and, of course, disclosure of his station (which historians would find helpful) to individual believers. The other half consists of his mystical writings.
Generally speaking, I think that if Bahaāuāllah didnāt write after every second verse his praise to God and his Manifestations, the Archives House in Haifa would be twice as small.


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