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Posted by JT Mims on July 27, 2101 at 21:18:13:

Hello everyone!

I am new here and do not know if this is the proper place for what
I need. If not, I understand if this gets deleted...

I have two sets of Star of the West which I inherited from a former
rare and out of print book seller. Both sets are brand new, still in
the original shipping carton. I do not need both sets and would like
to sell the other, but I have no idea what a fair price might be.

The following information is from the back of the title page:
"Reprinted July 1978 by George Ronald, 46 High Street, Kidlington,
Oxford, ISBN 0853980780." At the bottom of the page it says "Printed
in the U.S.A."

This is a complete eight volume set and according to the
Publisher's Note, "This reprint of Star of the West, the first Bahai
magazine in the Western world contains all the copies from March 1910
- the first issue - to March 1924."

If anyone has any information about these books, questions,
suggestions where I can obtain more info, or is interested in
purchasing a set, please let me know either through here or via email

Thanks very much!

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