References needed for three stories about ĞAbduĞl-Bahá

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Posted by Keith Bookwalter on August 02, 2101 at 14:18:49:

Dear Friends,

I am writing a book on self-transformation which has a chapter on the role of rest. I recall reading three stories about the Master but have not been able to locate the sources. Any help would be appreciated.

1) One of the believers was walking along the beach between Haifa and Akka one day and he say something white on the sand up ahead. As he approached it he suddenly realized that it was ĞAbduĞl-Bahá who was taking a much needed nap between his selfless labors for others.

2) Once in New York, when the friends wanted to take the Master on a car tour to see the city lights at night, He grabbed John Bosch by the hand, pulled him into the car after Him, put His head on his shoulder and dozed off.

3) On one occassion [I think it was in the U.S.] ĞAbduĞl-Bahá was so exhausted by the end of the day that the friends had to practically carry him into the house. Yet, after a very short rest He had completely recovered His energy.

In advance, I thank you for any time that you take to help me with this endeavor.


Keith Bookwalter

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