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Posted by MJSW on March 30, 2101 at 02:29:28:

Dear Baha'i Friends,

After examining this forum site and many similar ones, I think that they tend to be more counter-productive than they are productive... Although we do encourage people to ask us questions about the Faith, and believe this is integral to our practises and Baha'u'llah's counsels, it seems that cyber-space is not the best environment for it... I sincerely believe that if people want questions answered they should talk to us in person rather that over a computer. It just seems all too many of these 'conversations' sink into idle arguments which just result in people chasing their own tails and often abuse.... This is my personal opinion. If any non-Bahais are reading this, I strongly encourage you to ask all your questions face to face with Baha'is. You can contact your local community by getting in touch with your National Centre... we are always happy to answer any questions. If you want real answers, come and see us for real :-)

In His Service,


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