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Posted by Julie Rosser on August 20, 2101 at 14:58:56:

Julie Rosser, a Baha'i from Austin, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee (Vanderbilt University), hopes that you will find her inspirational music to be food for your soul, inspiring you to ever greater heights of service to humanity. Her music company, New Garden Music, is dedicated to promoting music which uplifts the human spirit and brings joy to the heart.

New Garden Music has released the Julie Rosser, BELOVED - a gift of music CD, one of only a few Baha'i musical devotional CDs available. BELOVED - a gift of music is now available on the New Garden Music label for $15.00 plus shipping.

This inspiring CD of Baha'i music will bring warmth and joy into your heart, soul, life and human spirit. Visit the web site: today to order your copy of BELOVED, a gift of music by Julie Rosser, or in the USA call toll free at 1-877-692-7999 (international call +1-214-747-7900).

The newly release, BELOVED - a gift of music, was sold out at the July 2001 Milwaukee Baha'i Conference. Currently traveling in the Far East, Julie will be attending and performing at "Fire in the Pacific", the International Baha'i Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, December 20-23, 2001.

The web site has available a MP3 sound clip of her song 'Plane of Sacrifice'.

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