Who remembers this from the writings?

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Posted by Dawud on March 31, 2101 at 03:50:19:

Somewhere--perhaps in one of the provisional translations?--I recall Baha'u'llah (or was it perhaps the Bab? Or Ahmad-i-Aksai?) distinguishing between FIVE levels of ta'wil or scriptural exegesis, which (he explained) correspond to FIVE levels of reality. The name "Aziluth" sticks in my mind as one of them. The highest was the level of utter indescribability, the lowest I think was the normal everyday world. Or something like that.

Unfortunately, I can't for the life of me remember where I read this, and the search engines won't work if I can't remember how to spell with diacritical marks. Can anybody help my failing memory? Thanks!

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