Tired and over-worked Baha'is

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Posted by Larry Peifer on September 22, 2101 at 19:41:22:

Does anyone have additional source information for this quote?

From a letter on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to the Englewood, N.J. Community, dated May 3, 1943 - mimeographed for Miss Agnes Alexander, at her request, by D. Ebbert, Atlanta, Ga.

"Conditions in the world to-day place an added burden on the shoulders of everyone, the Baháâís included, and the Guardian has the greatest sympathy for their difficulties. However he feels that each Baháâí, no matter how tired and over-worked he may be or how preoccupied with cares of every day life should constantly bear in mind the great blessings God has bestowed upon him by enabling him to accept His Cause in this day. Everything else is transient; our difficulties will pass away, and our lives too eventually, but this eternal gift of Faith in Baháâuâlláh will never pass away and will be the source of our everlasting happinessä.

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