Modern English Trans. of Bahai Writings

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Posted by Lady D on September 23, 2101 at 19:03:06:

I'm just curious to know whether there is ever going to come out a translation of the main Bahai scriptures in modern English. I'm not a Bahai, but from the commentary on the scriptures I basically agree with what Bahaullah said. HOWEVER... what I've read of the scriptures themselves is torturous going. I'm not the "average" person either--I'm a professional editor, was an English major, have a good deal of literary training--and I find them hard to read. How much more so, then, must the "average" person without special training in language? I note that the translations in use are pretty old; there has been a major shift in English usage since these were written, particularly in religious contexts. I would be very interested to read a new, more up-to-date translation. Is anything like that set to come out?

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