The Eastern Religions

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Posted by Scott on October 15, 2101 at 05:51:13:

Dear All,

I am a Baha'i and i have been so now for a number of years but recently some questions have come to my mind concerning the harmony of religions. Whilst I desire nothing more than to accpet this fundamental principle of our religion certain question keep invading my mind and I was wondering if maybe some of you could share your own thoughts with me.

Perhaps the easiest way to put the issue would be that religions, despite progressive revelation, are not really harmonious. Not because they have different rituals or holy days and so forth but because they are founded on completely different premesis. For example compare Judaism to Hinduism. These 2 religions existed around the same time yet they are just too different to reconcile. Judaism condemned polytheism and practiced Mosiac law to please Yahweh however hinduism was (and is) polytheistic and believed that good and bad were subjective and essentilly the same things and that we were here to escape the cycle of reincarnation.

I have been very active in the baha'i community and have researched the religion to great depth but it seems that other Bahai's , not to be judgmental or anything, don't really persue the matter of religious harmony to any extent, they just believe that it is because it appeals to humanities ecumenical sense and religions, in a very very superficial way, do have some things in common. But deep down they certainly do not.

Can someone shed some light on this?

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