Languages & Epistle to the Son of Wolf

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I want to draw your attention to this second paragraph, but I have included the preceding one for some background (note: emphasis added):

One day, while in Constantinople, Kamal Pasha visited this Wronged One. Our conversation turned upon topics profitable unto man. He said that he had learned several languages. In reply We observed: "You have wasted your life. It beseemeth you and the other officials of the Government to convene a gathering and choose one of the divers languages, and likewise one of the existing scripts, or else to create a new language and a new script to be taught children in schools throughout the world. They would, in this way, be acquiring only two languages, one their own native tongue, the other the language in which all the peoples of the world would converse. Were men to take fast hold on that which hath been mentioned, the whole earth would come to be regarded as one country, and the people would be relieved and freed from the necessity of acquiring and teaching different languages." When in Our presence, he acquiesced, and even evinced great joy and complete satisfaction. We then told him to lay this matter before the officials and ministers of the Government, in order that it might be put into effect throughout the different countries. However, although he often returned to see Us after this, he never again referred to this subject, although that which had been suggested is conducive to the concord and the unity of the peoples of the world.

We fain would hope that the Persian Government will adopt it and carry it out. At present, a new language and a new script have been devised. If thou desirest, We will communicate them to thee. Our purpose is that all men may cleave unto that which will reduce unnecessary labor and exertion, so that their days may be befittingly spent and ended. God, verily, is the Helper, the Knower, the Ordainer, the Omniscient.

Bahá'u'lláh, Epistle to the Son of the Wolf, p. 137-139

Does anyone know of this "new language and a new sript" that were devised? And who devised them? Here is also another reference to language, I am wondering if these are connected:

Mirza Aqa Jan further related to Nabil that, one day in
Kazimayn, when both he and Aqa Muhammad-Hasan-i-Isfahani were in the
presence of Baha'u'llah, in the house of Haji 'Abdu'l-Majid-i-Shirazi,
He asked the host whether he wished to hear the Badi' (Unique)
language, which, He said, was the language used by the denizens of
one of the worlds of God. He then proceeded to chant in that
language. Mirza Aqa Jan said that hearing this language had a wonderful effect on the listener. One day, Mirza Aqa Jan related, Baha'u'llah said to Haji 'Abdu'l-Majid: 'Haji, you have heard the Badi' language, and witnessed God's supremacy over His worlds. Render thanks for this bounty and appreciate its worth.'

Balyuzi, Bahá'u'lláh - King of Glory, p.113

I have also heard a reference to a Badi' script or alphabet invented by the early Babis or Baha'is. Does anyone know of these things and if they are all connected? Thanks!


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