Ellen White & The Bab

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Posted by Michael McClure on January 23, 2001 at 16:33:14:

We have heard the story of The Bab's coming fulfilling William Miller's prediction, but the story doesn't end there. After The Day of Disappointment, Ellen White began having visions. Her first vision that the Miller's revelation was true and that the Millerites should continue to look for the Messiah came as The Bab was proclaiming his ministry in Mecca. She had several visions that the door to salvation was closed to those that did not accept the return of the Messiah. Then in June 1850 as The Bab was being transfered to the prison at Tabriz she had a vision that "Time is almost finished...in a few months" July 6th the Millerites began getting new converts, the door to salvation had opened again. Three days later The Bab was executed. After that Ellen White taught that the Messiah was not on Earth but had entered the sanctuary in Heaven. She never knew about The Bab, but her early visions parallel The Bab's ministry

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