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Landegg International University, Switzerland
2001 Summer Certificate Programs

World Order Studies (new curriculum), 1 - 21 July
Ages 18 and over
The purpose of the Programme is to provide students with a comprehensive analysis to the histories, theories, and contemporary issues in the field of world order studies. Areas of concentration are Models of World Order, Governance and Globalization, and Religion and Civilization. Course instructors include visiting and on-campus professors in fields of history, law, political science, religion and sociology. The programme is offered as EITHER a certificate programme OR a three-credit BA subject. The student body consists of BA students from Landegg and other universities as well as of certificate-only students. Fee for certificate students: US$1,200 - For students wishing to obtain credit please contact course administrator for fee and admission information. Email:, Phone: +41-71-898 0581, Fax: +41-71-898 0500

Education for Peace, 23 July -3 August
Ages 12-15
Education for Peace is a three-year programme based on personal transformation through the conscious cultivation of the human spirit. This is achieved through the daily practice of reflection, meditation, study, consultation, artistic expression, physical activity, and games within an atmosphere that stresses a balanced role of individual effort in a community. The curriculum focuses on the psychological, moral, and spiritual needs of younger youth. Through study of the purpose of human life and the development of moral and ethical qualities, students learn to become agents of creativity and peace makers. Fee: US$750 - The fee includes tuition, room, board, field trips, gala graduation event, and all applicable taxes. email:

Bahá'í Teachings and History (NEW!), 13-21 July
Ages 15-17
Through formal lectures and interactive workshops, this two-year programme encourages youth to explore and develop their unique capacities for spiritual development, for acquiring knowledge and insight, and for building unity in diversity. Areas of concentration include major Writings of central figures of the Bahá'í Faith, social and moral teachings of Bahá'u'lláh, consultation, conflict resolution and interpersonal communication. Fee: US$600 - The fee includes tuition, room, board, field trips, gala graduation event, and all applicable taxes. email:, Phone: +41-71-898 0581, Fax: +41-71-898 0500

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