Can anyone locate this quotation for me please?

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Posted by Nick Stone on April 15, 2101 at 18:00:12:

Hello all,

I have this quotation which is allegedly by 'Abdu'l-Baha, but I have not been able to locate it, despite numerous searches of the Writings and of pilgrim's notes. Can anyone tell me if it is genuine, and if so, where I might find it?

Thank you!

"In that cry are all the cries of the universe sounded and the chord of divine reality struck. The shout Ya-Baha-ul-Abha in this day of its birth is more profit unto thee than all knowledge of the sciences and all the wealth of earth... it is the rhythm of progress, the chord of creation, the melody of eternity and the password to the Kingdom of God. Therefore, use it to establish thyself in the realm of divine trust. Speak it in thy solitude, cry it in thy joy, murmur it in thy grief and chant it in thy weakest moments and it shall give thee strength. It is that cry that brings the Supreme Concourse to the door of thy life and stations the love of Abha about thy soul of trust. It opens the heaven of mysteries, colors and riddles of absorbs all, encircles all, includes all...The works of that phrase of ãGlory to Godä is to sing in harmony to the supreme concourse of songs and to harmonize with the Holy I AM in His court of divine omnipotent truth. It holds all there is of substance and all there is of form, and all there is of spirit and all there is in the world of creative thought. The Greatest Name carries the highest vibration, the vibration produces a spiritual word, the vibration of utterance, either mental or oral, produces a spiritual result, regardless of the thought."

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