The Servant, The General and Armagedon

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Posted by mark on April 20, 2101 at 02:34:43:

The Servant, the General and Armageddon
by Roderic Maude

Paperback - 100 pages (1997)
George Ronald Pub Ltd; ISBN: 0853984247

and also here for a pic of the cover.

I read this book a year about a year ago. I loved it. One of the most gripping books I've ever read. Its a Bahai book.
Does anyone know the contact details of the author Roderic Maude??

This book is basically an account of the British capture of Palestine in 1917 and the "miraculous" events that happened in the campaign. This book was fascinating to me because it ties together a bunch of stuff that i've been interested in for a while. For one, it referenced Wellesley Tudor Pole, a man who has intrigued me for a while, its also contained WWI history in the middle east, something i was familiar with through my knowledge of the New Zealand involvement as the ANZACs. Also it referenced Abdu'l Baha's anxious days in Haifa as the British advanced. Imagine my surprise when coincidentally a few days after finishing the book i was flipping through the TV channels to find a movie about the very events in the book...I was wondering if the author knows about the movie.
I bet you didnt know that the biggest advance on any front at any stage of WWI was something like 50 miles (i cant recall exactly) in one day. And guess where that was? It was as the lighthorse men raced up the coast of Palestine towards Haifa. Why were they pushing so hard? because they knew there were threats on Abdu'l Baha's life. What was the first thing they did when they rode into Haifa?? post a guard at Abdu'l Baha's house of course. Interestingly the regiment of men that made this remarkable offensive, were a ragtag bunch from all over the British empire including New Zealand soldiers (I'm a kiwi and i love my country ok?).

heres a link to info about the movie.

Anyway, i'd like to contact the author so if anybody knows him please email me his details (preferrably his email address)

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