Entry-by-Troops NOT via "World Peace/Race Unity" Message

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Posted by Darrick Evenson on April 22, 2101 at 19:42:17:

Dear Friends,

Most of you have entered the Baha'i Faith because of its message of "World Peace"
or "Race Unity". Since this appealed to YOU (and to most other Baha'i
converts you've met), you have concluded this is the message that will
bring entry-by-troops.

Nothing could be further from the Truth.

The current campaing of placing advertisements on television (mostly the Odessy
cable channel) and having people call in has failed. Do you know
how many people are declaring per month now? Around 100 per month. The
Baha'i Faith now has a monthly rate-of-growth LOWER than even other
religious organizations who do not seek converts.


Read why, and read how this can change. Read "Where's The Troops?"
Darrick Evenson

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