use of the Baha'i Academics Resource Library

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Posted by Dharlene Valeda on April 23, 2101 at 07:01:20:

I am a librarian, and a Baha'i, but not a Baha'i librarian in that I'm not currently managing a collection of Baha'i materials. Unlike Jonah, who is a Baha'i librarian.
For my final project for my Masters of Library and Information Studies degree, I am reviewing the usability of the Baha'i Academics Resource Library as a digital library, and would welcome any input from its users.
For example, Jonah has already told me that he has had users of the library tell him they like that the library structure is transparent.

What else to you like?
What are the most common ways you search on the library?
Is there another way you would like to search?
How does this digital library compare to others that you use?

This is an absolutely casual survey, any comments are welcome. Comments which can be made within the next two days are especially welcome.

Thanks and greetings from Canada,

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