A perpective on the Bab's burial please....

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Posted by mark on February 25, 2101 at 23:16:51:

This is a question that has crossed my mind several times in the past am i am glad that i have found this forum because i suspect i will get a good answer here.

Under Baha'i law we are required to be buried no more than 1 hours travel distance from the place of death.
How come then, the Bab's remains were moved around (in sercret) for 40 years and interred on Mount Carmel some 50 years after his martydom???

Obviously there were some extenuating circumstances surrounding this situation like for example (off the top of my head) the threat of further desecration if the Muslim authorities found it. And therefore there was probably no safe place to bury Him at the time.

Also i recognise that this is an exceptional case in respect of his Supreme Station.

Why did they not (for instance) bury Him in secret in some place in Persia, and then move the remains in the 1900s when it was safe? Why move it around for 40 years with no resting place??

Please forgive me for asking such impertanent questions on such a sacred topic, i am uncomfortable asking them, and i mean no disrespect.

Thanks in advance.

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