Healing with the help of God

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on December 21, 2002 at 21:41:34:

Most of you know what I do, primarily psychotherapy. There are times when I must deal with terminally ill persons, such as this week.

The woman, given not more than three months to live, was asking for my help. Now, as a therapist, I could have given here relaxation therapy, cognification modification, dealt with her fear of death, etc.

But what she asked for was, "I want to live for six more months."

Dilemma. Should I reply, 'you came to the wrong place' or should I use my unproven healing abilities, which I believe come from God, and give her the six months she asked for.

The techniques of neuroimmunopsychotherapy and those of neurobiophysiology have nothing to do with cognitive-behavior therapy, my designation. What I do is difficult to explain, but touching wounds and examining eyes by my own eyes is part of it.

I know she will have her six months and I thank God - but here's the rub: Is God revealing Himself through me in those moments, a material breach of the Faith, or is the use of God's Great Power available to anyone, and used for love and healing, is it a right I have? Moreover, do I have a right, when my healing therapy works, to accept the praise I receive from others?

And if I, myself, assert that God's Powers of love and healing flowed through me to the person in need, am I declaring myself a Vehicle of God's Power, or a temporary Manifestation, or, what is it am I permitted to assert, if anything.

I have been strongly criticised by some Baha'is for even mentioning that I do such work on occasion. I have been warned not to do it and not to say I did it. Some friends her dislike me for taking up all the space. If I thought the sapce I take is wasted and unworthy of submission, I would not post.

I believe that I am a fervent and studious and reflective Baha'i with many questions, backed by a lifetime of spiritual experience and world experience that buoys my questions and comments.


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