"God is Perfect - God makes errors"

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Posted by Stuart Gilman ( on December 25, 2002 at 06:49:03:

Many will recognize this passage:

"37. Manifestations of God

The Bahá'í religion emphasizes that God vouchsafes a special revelation periodically to humanity through Manifestations of God. The Bahá'í Faith does not deny that ordinary people can experience God or that God can inspire anyone with truth; however, the Bahá'í writings see the revelation that is given to the Manifestations as being qualitatively different, as well as quantitatively greater. Manifestations are seen as special souls who are pre-existent, unlike ordinary humans; they are infallible and sinless; they are perfect exemplars of both God's attributes and God's teachings."

I have been taken to task on making the statement that, on this or that subject Bahaullah was clearly wrong.

This is to say that the word infallible includes "never being wrong", which I have difficulty accepting. The God I worship and his Most Supreme Manifestation have made numerous errors, which, while perhaps being anthropomorphic, does not contradict their infallibility. Following the Mystical Path, which Abdul Baha and Baha'u'llah both approved of, it is a simple vision to fuse error and infallibility. It may seem trite, but consider a PERFECT ERROR. A perfect error can easily be a test of faith, a deliberate guidance away from something with noble purpose, certainly intentional for reason we cannot know, and in no way contradicts infallibility.

"God is Perfect - God makes errors" are not opposites. Now, when it comes to Our Manifestation, it is much easier to accept His errors. Even then, His errors are not contradictions to His perfection, His sinlessness and His infallibility.

I understand that a young religion tends to be defensive. Why not? It is not only tens of thousands of Babis and Baha'is who have been martyred, but millions of Christians and many more millions of Jews. It takes hundreds of years if not thousands for a religion to become "safe by numbers." All the more reason we should, while our hearts are so open, open our minds much more. There is nothing to fear.


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