Hey Baha'is, here is the perfect sport for you!

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Posted by Dawud ( on March 10, 2002 at 08:07:51:

Yesterday I just learned about tchoukball, which was created a few decades ago by a Swiss biologist. His aim was to create a sport which could be played by groups of mixed ability, which would not injure players as the most common sports do, and would discourage individual "vainglory" or "sectarian" tendencies. (Think European football riots.) It's easy to set up, fun, and safe.

In other words, tchoukball is to sports as Esperanto is to language. I was personally deeply moved to discover photos of an Esperantist tchoukball team in Brazil, proudly wearing our flag with the green star. And I got to thinking, maybe there should be jerseys with a nine-pointed star too.

So, Baha'is, wanna be a major world religion? Then prove it by learning tchoukball and whupping the Brazilian Kardecists' collective posterior! (Without being sectarian about it, of course.) Or more realistically, try a few games in your local communities, and then see if you don't think maybe Abdu'l-Baha should have added something about sports as a fifteenth point! Here's a site:

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