Baha'i vexillology--would someone please describe the "black banner" of the Qa'im?

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Posted by Dawud ( on March 15, 2002 at 21:33:06:

During the Babi uprisings some of the partisans raised the "black banner" of the Qa'im. Okay, so what did this flag look like exactly? Does anybody know? Or failing that, can anybody make an educated guess? (Besides the fact that it was black, I mean.)

For instance, was it rectangular or pointed? Was there a design or motto on it? (heh heh...maybe it was the standard of "He doeth what he willeth"!) Was it hoisted on one of those flat spear thingies that the Ottomans used, or what?

I don't suppose Haifa actually *has* one of these stuck back there in their museum, do they? Help! Because when I start my new time-travel job next Monday I don't want to accidentally follow the wrong Qa'im!

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