Free Will

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Posted by Nicholas Stone ( on March 22, 2002 at 18:24:06:

Dear friends,

Imagine I have a moral decision to make. I have the free will to decide yes or no. The development of my soul at that time will cause me to say one or the other of the possible answers. Thus at that time do I possess real free will? How can I progress, if at any given time, my choices are constrained by my current level of development. How was it that the prison guards for the Bab who were so cruel to Him early on in his imprisonment were later able to recognise His station and become devoted Babis?

I hope you understand the gist of the question. I have another question too. Progress is without limits, but within my state, as Abdul Baha explains a rock cannot become a flower. But when is my limit decided? When I am conceived? Or during my life as a result of my actions? Do all souls have the same spiritual capacity? When I am born with my twin sister, at that point in time is she destined to become a great spiritual person, and myself a lesser one, as a result of different capacities?

Hope you can help with this!

Much love,


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