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Posted by marcia Monghate ( on March 27, 2002 at 01:52:49:

In our community, Baha'i School is held in the home of a believer in a neighboring commmunity in our cluster. The child of this family and the child of another family that attends Bahai school here do not get along, and so this family had asked the family of the other child not to attend Bahai school at their house. This Bahai School is sponsored by an LSA, however they are dragging their feet in coming up with a solution to the problem which was brought to them by the family that was asked not to return. This family was also told by the other family that this would just be a temporary thing (just 4-5months!)
The LSA has not yet told this family that they cannot attend Bahai school at the house of theses other Baha'is, but in the interest of unity, the family is not attending and is driving 30 minutes to another community so their children can attend Bahai school. They were also told not to come to the Naw Ruz party sponsored by the LSA because it was held at this family's house. Interestingly, the family who is holding the activities at their house does not reside in the community, but is not allowing the family who does reside in the community to attend any events that are held at their house.

My question is this? Is this allowed in the Baha'i Faith--Baha'is can state who can and cannot attend LSA sponsored events that are held at their house. Please provide me with the quotations for the affirmative or the negative so that I can submit this information to my local LSA.
Quite frankly, I was shocked, and didn't believe that individuals had that authority when they offered their homes for community Baha'i meetings, schools and events, but I cnat find the writings to support my beliefs.

Please help clarify this for me. I will accept whatever the writings say, but i need some answers and some closure on this question.

With Bahai Love


PS You can forward this to a Continental Counselor or UHJ for an answer if no one can find anything. Gratefully yours.

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