bahai and the discovery of free energy

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Posted by marko rodin ( on June 30, 2002 at 08:37:33:

my name is marko rodin and i have a wonderful home at 2098 waianuenue avenue in hilo hawaii 96720 that is located in a beautiful fairy tale tropical setting by a waterfall. my telephone number is 1 808 933-2358 and email is my homepage is and it explains in breif how i discovered that the most great name of god baha is an electrical coil and how i applied it to create unexaustible electricity, space power propulsion and computer software. in the near future i hope to finish preparing documents with illustrations explaining in detail this discovery. the reason i am announceing this is that i need a personal secretary to help with my office and organization. i own seven computers including three silicon graphics animation work stations and also can use computer artists and creative writers who would like to move to hawaii. if you have a disire to create new bahai teaching materials then i invite you to work together with me. i can offer free room and board in exchange for your help. i have recieved endorsements on my work from top scientists world wide and have been asked by international maggazines for articles and the discovery channel for information. part of your role would be to help me in preparing a presentation based on these findings which i have made and to produce a masterpiece childrens homeschooling ebook. i know that you will be shocked to discover that in our sacred scripture is the source for mankinds energy needs but as we all should know bahaullah gave us everything we will ever need including a new science for technology. i also have aquired certified results that i am presenty getting a sixty percent greater output then conventional motor designs with a twenty percent copper savings. i have applied and utilized this discovery into as many applications as i can including medicine. the german journal of onocology has even asked to publish an article on this work. i am doing more than i can handle and would appreciate your assistance. aloha, -marko

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