Punctuation in the Baha'i Writings

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Posted by anon ( on July 17, 2002 at 11:39:24:

Hello friends - I was wondering what anyone knows about this topic, specifically the punctuation marks that appear in the Writings when translated into English. The few texts I have seen have no punctuation marks. But I often see exclamation points, question marks, and commas, colons, and such in the English translations. Are these all inferred from context?

Also, I am interested in the use of quotation marks. I have been reading the Suriy-i-Haykal and have notices something. In many places, there are items that are enclosed in quotes. But in paragraph 121, there is a verse which seems like a quote from another Source, specifically the Bab in the Bayan. But it is not contained in quotes:

O followers of the Son! We have once again sent John unto you, and He, verily, hath cried out in the wilderness of the Bayán: O peoples of the world! Cleanse your
eyes! The Day whereon ye can behold the Promised One and attain unto Him hath drawn nigh! O followers of the Gospel! Prepare the way! The Day of the advent of
the Glorious Lord is at hand! Make ready to enter the Kingdom. Thus hath it been ordained by God, He Who causeth the dawn to break.

Anyone have any insight on these matters?


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